Toddler Tuesdays - Raima IS a toddler!

7:00 AM

Usually my Toddler Tuesday posts revolve around Jax, but hello! -  I have two toddlers! Raima is a toddler! As much as I would like to not admit that is the case. I still look at her and think of her as a baby, since she's so petite and in relation to Jax, she is still much more like a baby than anything else (but I guess not really!). Also, with this I have to realize that Jax is transitioning out of being a toddler and into the pre-school age (YIPES!)

Raima is strictly walking these days, but often looks as if she's inebriated while doing so, which is probably why they call em toddlers. Cause they toddle. What's her favorite thing these days? She loves to help undo things, like create a better pile for your once nicely folded laundry. Or rearrange your color coded bookshelves (just kidding, I don't have time to be that design organized with my books! but she does like to rearrange the bookshelves and create a lovely pile on the floor. and often). But she is pretty good at putting toys back in the basket (and then dumping it all out to do it all over again). She's also pretty good at following some simple directions - like when you ask her to give something to someone or to pick up something or to put away something. She loves to give kisses and high fives and she definitely likes to dance (The Clash is one of her favorites as is ESG from my recent playlist). She also says hi, bye, jax, and can shake her head and say no.

She also loves this very much:

Even though it has me cringe each time Charlie decides to do it - often trying to give me heart palpatations. And this is saying a lot, because there's not much that will scare me (trust me others have tried) or make me queasy (one of my favorite rides in Disneyland? the Tea Cups of course!) but this?..there isn't anything like envisioning the worst. UGH, just typing that out and thinking it makes my stomach turn! Oh the horror!

Anyway, I guess I'm sort of glad that Charlie treats his daughter much in the same way as he treats his son:

Fun, is gender neutral ;)

What about you? What cringe worthy things does your partner do that the kids just love?!

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  1. These pictures are great. Both kids look like they're having a BLAST.

    Kris also throws Kale up and I'm always terrified that he's not going to catch him. I hate when he does it - but Kale LOVES it.

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