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"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Raima: Is loving bath time these days. It's great since it was only a few months ago she hated taking a bath and water in general. Nowadays, you can't keep her out of the bath tub. Now the only problem is getting her out!

Jax: We're still experiencing some difficult nights with Jax but it has certainly gotten better. Today he got to spend some fun times with his "classmates" at a football party (woot! Niners! thrown by the parents, while I was at a photo shoot (photos of that will be here, soon).

I wanted to let you guys know of this photo project that a friend of mine is doing. He's planning on sending out a postcard a day of his photography. Check out the site here, and if you guys wanna receive one, sign up over here.

There is also this other weekly project I stumbled upon - check it out!

And remember, you can still join in on the 52, a portrait a week project. Link up here:

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