Friday Perspective - An Update

10:02 AM

So, I know I've been slacking and I have only me to blame. I had to do something dreadful and tell a few design clients (pro bono stuff) that I couldn't finish their project due to paid assignments and my lack of time to complete all my assignments with all my heart. I didn't want to continue to say yes because I was afraid of what they would think of me only to then hand over work that isn't up to par and cause even more of a disappointment. So, to those of you who I promised to help re-design your blogs and sites - I'm sorry. When I get a better handle on my workflow and my time management, I will be able to do a myriad of things with all of my heart and deliver the goods to clients as well as be there for my family.

Aside from the design stuff and the photography stuff what is currently happening at the Wagner house is - a mess, an absolute mess . We have been lazy. Very lazy. If I continue in this way, a TLC producer will be knocking at my door very soon! Luckily, for some odd & wonderful reason - {since we were just talking about trying to scrape & save some money to do a professional deep clean of our house} - our property manager decided to let us have his regularly scheduled cleaning day by his housekeeper this week! Seriously!? He said that he was going to have some construction work going on in his unit but didn't want to cancel with her so instead he thought we could use it. Perhaps, he saw what our kitchen looks like? Anyway, so we have her for 4 hours on Friday. Are you anything like me -  and will tidy/clean before their cleaning service arrives? So as to not be completely ashamed of the mess that has erupted because life happened? Well, this usually doesn't happen for me because well, I am the cleaning service so - I have to tidy anyway..but I think we will tidy up just a bit.

{Update: OH MY GOSH! Our house, our kitchen - she even cleaned our tea kettle!! but of course in like 2 seconds the kids demolished the family room and it was starting to spill over into the kitchen..sigh. But hey, fun is messy. we are messy people ;)}

I am still in the process of editing the images from last weekend's photo shoot which was awesome by the way. I need to not shoot so many images but have already edited at least 20 images. Some of which you can see here. And, because of working with the makeup artist from that shoot, I already have a couple more lined up (a styled bridal shoot and a styled engagement)- not paid yet but's a start and it allows me to get better and become more confident with my skills, talent and services. And again, once I get my workflow and time management skills in order - I will be able to do it and manage it all. I WILL. I WILL!

I had a whole lot of other stuff written but I decided it probably belongs more on my photography there it went.

Any hoot..I'm, gonna share with you a couple of things as of late that has really either annoyed me or confused me or a little bit of both:

1. The whole Manti Te'o fiasco - I want to know what does having had this hoax, aside from utter embarrassment and confusion - do or change? If you take away the hoax or fraud or whatever, does it change him or his performance as an athlete? Was this hoax the reason for his remarkable athletic performance? If that answer is no - goodness stop talking about it already..If for anything, this all seems like the whole plan - instant, viral sensationalism = more fame. As they say, any publicity is good publicity.

2. The FB - "my so and so says if I get one million likes, we get to: insert something they should just ask themselves if they can do - or something they should just say yes or no to without using a million strangers to blame on the answer. As in: I'm sorry kids, the world aka facebook peeps did not want us to take you to disney world. or even better - I'm sorry babe, the world has spoken and  they've decided for us not to have a third child or to have a third child - oh my god - Really?? Really? a million likes so you two could have a third child? - I will refrain from saying anything further...I realize its all just for kicks, right?

What are some things that you've found annoying or confusing or just plain - HUH? on the internet or the news lately?

What are you all up to? Well, whatever it is, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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