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"A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Jax still loves trains, which surprises me. For Christmas, Jax got a new train set from his cousin, who has many perks working at a toy store. You know, like working on "black friday"-fun! She has lots of stories about those times. Anyway, for a few days since we got back from our Christmas vacation, we actually didn't let Jax open this present because he was having a difficult time adjusting back to our normal routines and we didn't want to reward that sort of behavior. Recently, he's made some improvements - vast to him, I'm sure, while to us - well - we foolishly expect more, but hey, he's 3!

Since it's the start of the new year, it's only natural to be reflecting on what one has gone through and achieved in the past year. People come up with new year's resolutions and new projects. I'm not one for  announcing my full resolutions, cause I feel like there is more pressure that way! but there are those who are much braver than I, like the following mamas:

and a Project Life 365 participant:

and this mama's under taking,inspired by this mama- which I think I can do, so I'm gonna do it! hey, since it's once a week for 52 weeks - instead of everyday - not that I don't already take pictures everyday, but it's hard to upload everyday - at least with the dslr, on instagram - sure! no problem!

So there you have it, one more project to add to my list ;) but this should be an okay one to handle since I share photos with you all already and they always happen to be of my family! What about you guys? Wanna join & link up? Go here.

Happy Sunday!

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