Happy Valentine's Day! - Thankful Thursday

2:34 PM

I am in tears right now. Good, happy tears. Tears because I know that I am loved and supported. Thank you, Charlie.

I wrote an email to Charlie this morning because, like I've stated here before, I'm tired of my unfulfilling desk job and tried to think of ways I could make ends meet while still pursing my passions and hopefully in a few years, making my passions be steady enough to pay the bills. Here is his response:

You're on the right track.  Looking to branch out, keeping your eyes on other opportunities, in and out of your current field, and pursuing your passions.  I think I heard you talking about marketing yourself as a wedding photographer to college students?  This sounds like a great way to develop a clientele.  I could go to a couple of colleges and universities with Jax tomorrow when we're on our excursion and post some flyers or business cards.  I'll do whatever I can to support you.  And I can certainly look at moving on if Lighthouse doesn't offer me something that's competitive, once I'm credentialed (in Fall 2015 would be fully credentialed, I could conceivably move on after the preliminary credential was finished in Fall of 2014 but I wouldn't be CLEARing my credential through Reach unless I was at another charter they were affiliated with, meaning I would pay much more in tuition).  As far as being 100% Mom and Wife, you're doing a great job.  Your kids have the best Mom they could ever have.  They're healthy and loving kids because they have a Mom who cares for them and loves them.  Your husband is crazy in love with you.  He's also a little crazy, so when it seems like you're not the best Wife ever, it's because he's a bit obsessive and uptight.  He can't always remember that things are exactly as they ought to be, right in the moment, but that's not how they'll always be.  He can't always summon the faith to move through the challenges he faces with calm.  But you help him so much in those areas by being exactly who you are, speaking up for yourself and taking risks.  Mom and Wife are two jobs you are doing perfectly.
I love you,
I teared up as I started to read his words. Charlie also let me sleep last night as soon as I got home from my desk job and took over the parenting duties for a second night by himself because on Tuesday night & Wednesday morning - I was with Jenny helping her with her successful VBAC (my first experience as a birth photography session and being a doula). He also packed me a lunch today. So, thank you again Charlie - for being a wonderful husband and a super duper father to our kids. I love you too.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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