I know..I'm way behind..

10:56 PM

So yes, I know, I am wayyyy behind on the family portrait stuff..so maybe the cuteness of Raima will have you forgive me?

We went down to San Jose to meet up with some of my old school friends (as in, I feel old. I've known them since we were in 7th grade! SEVENTH GRADE!) who were up in the Bay for a volleyball tournament.

Anyway, I had to chase Raima around the convention center for awhile since chasing her around the courts wasn't a good parenting thing to do, lest I wanted her to learn how to play dodge ball. She was walking around and around, waving and saying hi to folks - which had everyone gush. A little tiny hand waving and a little tiny voice saying HI! - how could you not?

Here are some more photos...

So yeah, in case you didn't know - our friend Jenny had her baby!! Baby Luna Lisette on 2-13-13. It was a successful VBAC!! Way to go Jenny!!

So, am I forgiven?

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