Messy Art Day at ECPC

7:00 AM

Photos courtesy of Charlie

We finally went to the annual Messy Art Day at ECPC - El Cerrito Pre-school Cooperative. It took awhile for both kiddos to get into the day. There was a huge amount of kids and parents and activities. I'm sure they experienced some sensory overload and was probably quite overwhelmed at first but then, they really got into it - right about the time we needed to leave so we didn't have a level 10 meltdown.

By the way, Raima picked out those shoes. They are slightly too big and used to be Jax's but he never actually wore them. I tried to take them off and put on her actual sneakers she always wears and she adamantly refused and really threw her back into the demands of those oxfords, if you know what I mean. Kid's not even two yet and she's already making outfit choices!

How was your weekend? I'm sure I will have the Monday blues, and things are really picking up at my desk job (though not much has really changed, if you know what I mean) and picking up in my photography business too (yipee!).

PS. Our kids don't actually go to ECPC, but if we could afford it, had the time (its a co-op) and lived in the area, it would be a great choice for us.

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