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11:42 PM

We were hit last weekend by the nasty stomach bug that is going around but I think we are finally getting over it. Phew! I'm feeling a tad better now, enough that I am able to get to some photography to do list and go through my images from a couple of weeks ago and actually get around to some edits! FINALLY. Now my problem is editing my edits down to just 20 - 30 of my client's best images to post in their gallery...I'm sure the more I get the hang of it, the less emotional I'll feel towards some of the images and be more cut throat and efficient! We shall see.

Anyway, aside from that nasty bug which hit Raima the hardest..(oh and at first I thought Jax was totally faking it so that he could watch some tv. because when he's sick, he gets to veg out for an hour on the couch with some shows, like yo gabba gabba and the see, everyday at pick up in the car ride home, Jax always tells me he's not feeling well. So, I just thought it was one of those - except I was proven wrong with some projectile naturally I felt terrible that I thought he was faking it - terrible mommy!)..not much else has been going on in the wagner household, except I've submitted two things on the topic of breadwinner moms/non traditional roles etc..and actually got a reply back from one of them. Nothing big or anything just that they want to talk with me. It's a documentary about breadwinner moms and their familes, called the Big Flip - you can find out more about it here. I saw it on a post on my FB page and thought, why not..what's the worst that can happen?..nothing really, right?!

We've been meaning to connect  (the producers and I) so we could talk and also formally introduce myself (plus have them ask me questions to see if we fit into what they are looking for, I'm sure) but because of the stomach bug hitting our house, well - that didn't happen. I hope to speak with them this week though - I'll keep you posted.

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