Happy Anniversary!

9:24 AM

We are celebrating 5 years together, and 4 of those years lawfully wed. We purposefully got married on the same date as our first date. Makes things easier that way.

We have some plans to celebrate on Sunday and I can't wait! Charlie has his first softball game tonight, so we'll get the fam together and cheer him on. Charlie's mom has been here since Tuesday night actually and has been helping us with watching the kiddos especially Raima because she's only at Jax's daycare for 3 days out of the week.

Lately, we all haven't been getting much sleep, since we are still in the process of transitioning Raima into Jax's room and onto her own bed. So far going down to sleep gets easier but she still gets up and makes her way into our room. It's really hard for me. I still just want to cuddle and hold her and just, you know keep her as my little baby. Plus, I feel as though I get more sleep that way anyway at least compared to now. Ok, truthfully, half of me not sleeping well is partly due to me staying up late doing some editing.

Anyway, it's all good. We're alive, we're surviving, having fun and if you really look at all the love we have, there's not much to complain about :)

Happy Anniversary my Love! And cheers to many many more! 

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