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and with more photos! i've been meaning to get back to blogging more (again) and actually have charlie blog more too :) after all this started out as our journey into parenthood. with that said..here are some images that depict classic dad behavior.

i saved you from seeing the in between shots of this series. you're welcome - but seriously, just look at the joy on her face!

also here are some other photos, of an attempt to re-create a sort of engagement photo - since charlie and i never really had a long engagement or took any sort of engagement photos. anyway so we tried it out trying to take photos of each other and then on the tripod. it was really hard to get good enough photos this way - when no one is directing you and paying attention to all the little details that actually do matter. like that sliver of light in her face. standing a little bit taller, face this way just a smidge and most importantly - relax your face, your mouth, think about love, let's wait for this kid to pass by, ok hold her again...yeah just like that. (in my photo sessions, i usually talk and direct a lot)..so suffice to say, we'll need a do over. that day it was also wayyy windy and a SUPER bright/hot sunny day -still, it was still a lot of fun and a great way to have spent some of our anniversary date together sans kids.

and here was one image of us I did *like:

*but, it still bothers me just a tad (hand positions, our expressions don't match..bleh bleh bleh)

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