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12:53 PM

I brought out my camera again during bath time. Probably because, it's one of the only times I get to/need to slow down and take it all in and pay attention-for obvious reasons. Surprisingly, this time around, Jax was very willing to have his photograph taken. Usually now, he's just about had it with me & my camera.

Raima has been doing great at Jax's daycare and we've just received word that she can start full time sooner than we all thought! Since she's only 19 months and not quite 2 yet, the part time care was sort of a trial run to see how she would do amongst the older kids. Thankfully, she's been doing great!

In other news, operation get the kids sharing a room is still..quite an operation. But we're chugging along.

Bills bills bills. Again, still chugging along and surviving. Our grocery bill is a little higher now since Charlie's crossed over to the dark side and has started eating poultry. But it sure makes dinner time much easier on me. I may have to look at getting a crock pot to do one pot recipes.

Lets see, what else: in my photography biz news, things are coming along. I have many 20 hour nights where I work non stop and what very little spare time I have, try and juggle it with my family and my business. But that's ok. I don't mind putting in the work (and thankful that i have the support & help from Charlie) because I'm learning a lot and getting better each day. I have some personal projects in the works and plan on going to galleries in hopes of possibly getting exhibited. So, we'll see. My day job- same ol same ol...but I shouldn't complain. It provides me with flexibility, insurance for my family and even business experience. I'm thankful, cause I know it could be a lot worse and I could have a lot more excuses.

Anyway, I'll shut up now..here are some photos:

Bay Area Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer
I had to throw in a color image - but I think that image is still startling in some way that I can't quite put my finger on? Could be just the green tint of our bathroom, though. Probably could use better color correction, but I kinda like it as it is. What do you think?

Hopefully you all are having a wonderful weekend, and some of us can sleep a little better at night. I know we've all been reading and or listening to the news lately on very important and scary things, like gun control and background checks and of course - Boston..So hold on to your families, be grateful for what you have now and take some time to slow down and take it all in..until next time folks...my love to you all!

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