Simple Saturdays

11:27 PM

Charlie wanted to show me a spot he had taken Jax out to one day to ride his motorized car (it was a present from his Lolo Bojie) but that day he took him out there, the car was actually not fully charged AND was missing the steering wheel! So this time we made sure we had it charged (not enough though!) and brought the steering wheel (somehow the kids played with it too much in our house and broke a piece that connected it). Anyway, Charlie wanted to show me this location because he thought it would be great for photos..and he was right! (shhhh..don't tell him I said that!) Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. It was nice to take a break from editing three galleries I have to complete, and just take it outside and enjoy my family.

This location had a bit of everything - grassy areas, concrete areas, even a little beachy area and of course the city (Oakland, but if the fog wasn't rolling in - you could probably see SF too) in the background. 

Wish we could have stayed till the sunset. Maybe next time..

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