With Words Wednesday

2:19 PM

HI!!!! ..I'm still here, I swear! Lots of changes going over here at the Wagner house. Raima started her first week at Jax's daycare this past Monday and did very very well. Their teacher said that she is definitely ready to be with the big kids! She was surprised that she is able to follow some directions and instructions and actually sits at circle time and helps clean up. Already she's an overachiever - ;) Jax has been such a great help with her too. Both at home and at their school.

Another change is, that they are now sharing a room. Well, last night was the first night. I know it could have been a lot worse, but it was still pretty rough - mostly for Charlie and Raima. At 4:30 am I heard little feet slowly coming towards our room from the kitchen. She whispered Mama..I took her in and we nursed for a bit and then Charlie put her back in their room and went back down relatively easily. But this morning, I did wake up to an empty bed and found all my lovelies in the kids room with Charlie sleeping in a fetal position at the foot of Jax's bed! I let them sleep as I left this morning.

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