Happy Mother's Day - Part Deux - 19/52

11:26 PM

Sorry for the somber post yesterday. Like I said, it's a very emotional/bittersweet time for me. Anyway..My Mother's day was pretty plain but pretty awesome.

I got out of bed at 11 am. Yes, you read that right. ELEVEN AM!! WHAT?! I woke up to breakfast being made and coffee ready for me and a handmade card from my loves that of course had me cry. 

We spent the day lounging, being lazy and with no schedules (except for the nap schedules, of course!). Charlie blew up our kiddie pool (my birth pool, actually - quite fitting for the day, don't you think?) and had a little pool time with the kids while I read some magazines (it has been forever since I could do that, uninterrupted) and had my coffee outside - and took pictures.

Thank you guys! LOVE YOU.

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday and a wonderful Mother's Day!

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