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I had actually never heard of Printcopia before they contacted me and was actually quite surprised that they did (thru my photography site). They offered me a couple of 8x10 canvas prints in exchange for my honest review on the entire process and of course the product itself.

So, I was really excited and eager to try them because I have been searching for a gallery canvas company to recommend to my clients if they decided to not purchase thru me, just like when they decide not to print thru me I let them know of the affordable options available that I recommend (like MPIX).

Process & Ordering: 3.5 Stars out of 5

The process to create the canvases was somewhat simple and their website is straightforward and user friendly.The only thing that I didn't like was that there was no straightforward way to have an image be at a portrait orientation. I had assumed (I know, I should have never assumed) that once you upload your image, you would be able to change the orientation which is dependent on the image you upload (or your preference), this was not the case. I did figure it out, and it was easy enough (but it could be a lot easier - like oh say, have an option for the orientation) and so if you did want to do a portrait you would need to know this ahead of time - and put in a custom size like say 10x8 instead of the default 8x10. It would be better if you could change the orientation once the image was uploaded, especially if you haven't completely decided on what image to go with for the canvas. I liked that it showed you each step, and your completed item for that step. It definitely helped to guide the user on an easy and direct way of ordering a canvas.

Confirmation & Information: 3 stars

Once you have approved the image, you get to see the digital proof as a pdf and they email you a confirmation and that is the only email I received until a week later (actually it felt like it was longer. I'll need to double check) that the order was being printed and they provide a tracking number. The first email did give an approximate time the canvas would be shipped (2 weeks from order date) but I would have appreciated on the initial email that stated: you will receive an additional email within 2 days of shipping of your canvas with the tracking information, approximately on this date or what have you. When you log back online it just lets you know of your confirmation and the same information - expected date of shipment. Nothing new, same info as your confirmation email. Not sure if there really is more they can say or do I guess. I guess when you are eagerly awaiting something, you are impatient and would like to know when is it getting here already!! yeah, impatient much? why, yes, yes I am..

Packaging: 2 stars

So - I finally got the packages and was surprised at the size of the box it came in which fooled me into thinking they were big (yes, even though in my head I knew they were only 8x10) which only deflated the feeling of opening it since it was so much smaller than I expected them to be (and this is why I try to tell my clients that 8x10 is in fact really small and not a large print!). I don't think the big boxes were necessary (they were probably more for a 12x18 size!) nor did it really help the little 8x10 to stay in place much in there. The canvas themselves were wrapped in plastic.

The Canvas: 2.75 stars

I liked one of the canvases more than the other one. On one of the canvases, the corners came out to be really purple for some reason and actually made the whole image have a purple tint. I have actually printed this image before (and used the same file) so I don't think it was due to the image itself so I don't know why that was the case with this on a canvas. And actually on the prints, it comes out to be a tad more on the yellow/warm side so, yeah I really don't know. The one of Jax was my favorite. The coloring closely matched the uploaded image, but the one of Raima - not so much.. Still a great image though :) and I'm still gonna hang that sucker..

The one thing I really didn't like was the back and perhaps it was my fault for ordering the .75" wrap and I didn't understand it like I thought I had! Maybe I am used to the canvas companies that I go thru with my photography site where you can't see the wrapping and stapling at all. And really, no one is going to see the back anyway once you have it up so why be picky about it right? Well, I'm just sayin..that's all. It just seems a little sloppy to me.

Overall: 3 stars

Still all in all, Printcopia did a good job. And after getting these cute (because they are small!) things up in our bedroom, I am really quite happy! Thank you Printcopia! Check them out, oh and they use non-toxic eco-friendly inks, plus these are quality canvases and should last us a lifetime! You can turn any image, from instagram to facebook into a canvas! So what are you waiting for? Right now you will receive 25% off canvases and free shipping!

Oh yeah, and here are some images:

There was already some art work and photos up, so I just removed those and used the nails that were already there because I am lazy..but it gave me an idea of where these lovely things could go. The wall still needs some work and more prints up but it's looking good so far. Thanks again, Printcopia!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. Our Baby Wagners (author: Cherlyn Wagner) does not pay nor receive any compensation for the reviews written on this blog. All reviews are from products sent free of charge by their respective company and are received with no incentive to offer a favorable review. The only compensation that I ever receive is the use of the product for review.

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