Weekend Recap - Father's Day Weekend

6:08 PM

hi there! you guys still there? *crickets*...sorry for not keeping up with posts but it's been quite a busy month for me. i started second shooting weddings at the end of may, and haven't stopped since! every weekend has been booked solid even on father's day weekend! but we made it a special family trip because it was a wedding in the sierras!

it was the first time the kiddos went camping. we stayed at silver lake campground (can't remember if it was west or east) and found a perfect spot (#39) with a couple of good sized boulders that the kids loved climbing (a little too much)..and surprisingly, it was super duper fun. actually, im not sure how charlie handled one day by himself in the sort of wilderness with the two kids, while i was up at the hideout second shooting an amazing wedding with Lech. we did have a minor meltdown from both the kiddos at one point..we have another camping trip and road trip planned for 4th of july weekend up in oregon..

in other news and why i have been so busy is the huge momentum of my photography business. it has been an amazing and fantastic ride on this photography journey of mine and i can't believe where it has taken me, because if you asked me six months ago, if this is where i thought i would be (finding my specialty as a birth & documentary wedding photographer), i'd pretty much give you a dumbfounded look and think you were crazy. so far i have second shot 5 amazing weddings and yesterday, i was officially hired as an associate photographer for a large wedding studio! supposedly only about 1% make it (not sure if that is fully accurate) through to hiring once you've applied. it all honesty, i really can't believe it myself. i keep pinching myself to see if i am still dreaming! If you'd like to see more of my photography, please visit here. i've landed more gigs and haven't had a chance to do anything else lately, which is why there are cobwebs here (and why our house is a complete mess).

anyway, here are some images from our camping trip and father's day, enjoy! (click on the images to enlarge)

Please click on the image to enlarge

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