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Currently, I am up to some experimenting. I asked Charlie to be my guinea pig to test out some flash experiments(I asked him to pretend he was dancing - since that is the time I want to use flash- during the dancing portion at wedding receptions). Better to test it out on a non-paying client, right?!  While I love to play with the available light and am definitely comfortable with low light situations with no flash (like births and some church ceremonies where flash is restricted), I would really like to be decent with using flash (ok, so I would really like to master it!). I haven't yet had the guts to play or push my flash capabilities. After talking with Lech (of Lech Photo, one of the main photographers I have had the incredible opportunity to second shoot with and hope to continue to) he said to go on and practice at home...not sure why I hadn't tried it at home before (duh!). And so I did..the above was just the first few minutes of my experiments (mwuaahhahahahaha..sorry, when I think of experiments I think of mad scientist stuff) and then Charlie was kind of over it and was tired since he had just finished a game of softball with his league..I'll have to get my kids involved for the next flash experiment..I like the whole ambient light showing motion kind of thing..I'm not one for straight on looking flash images, so the above definitely fits my aesthetic - definitely not traditional.

So yeah, I know I haven't written much here lately and said anything more about my journey as a full fledged photographer. In all honesty, I am still in the thick of all my luck and fortune with it and feel so so so very blessed and fortunate and just flabbergasted really. Not to say that a lot of hard work hasn't been involved and a lot of support, especially from the goofy guy pictured above.

I could not have imagined where I am right now, a year ago. I pinch myself and think - good gawd woman, is this real? Is this really happening? I truly, and honestly owe it to my mom and from dealing with a tragedy if anything. Losing my mom has transformed me in so many ways. In ways I could have never imagined. I grew so much from the loss (and continue to). I have learned so much from my grief (and continue to). Because I feel as though my mom was not able to speak up for herself in order to make others happy, I have chosen to not be silent and to always speak up when I can and definitely when I should, even if it makes me feel uncomfortable. It's not always the easiest thing. I don't actually do it that much at my day job but definitely more so than usual. But in other aspects of my life? Definitely. I would rather speak up - for myself, for others - then to hold on to that regret, continue to wonder and or continue to complain and put blame on others for that regret. I am a much happier, less uncomfortable person because of it - and also a better person, a better wife, and a better mother. It's not always easy and it still doesn't come naturally but my gut tells me more so than before to not stay silent. 

This month marks the 4 year anniversary of mother's death. I miss her oh so much and I feel her each day (in fact, just as I typed that - something in the room just settled into place and made a lot of noise..hmmm, yes, I believe in those sort of things) - she is the reason, I am who I am today. And the reason that I am able to make my dreams a reality, because she pushes me to aim high..just like she had when she was here on this earth. 

I love you mom..I miss you.

Anyway...until next time folks! In case you wanted to see what else I was up to in the photo world, take a peek at my other blog. If you have any questions for me regarding photography, or the business of it, go ahead and leave me a comment or message me. I am very open to how I have gotten to where I am at with my photography and not that I have gotten very far yet (or know everything or anything, because it's always an ever growing learning process!) but still - I'd love to give back just as much that I was given, besides this industry doesn't always accept people with open arms, or so I hear a lot at least from those starting out. Which is why my journey is sometimes baffling to me. I am ever so thankful to the established photographers who have given me a chance, answered my out of nowhere emails and let me work beside them! So please, drop me a line if you have time I'd really love to hear from you..THANKS!

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  1. Your husband is such a good sport (and has some great moves to boot :)) I've really enjoyed following part of your journey on this blog over the past year. It's been lovely to watch you transform and find your passion.

    1. Thanks Randalin!! This means a lot :) I sort of miss blogging though sometimes. So I still try to keep up with everyone..


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