Road Trip - Oregon, Day 1

11:27 PM

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Every year during the 4th of July we've tried to make a trip out to a special Farm in Oregon. This was our first day on the Farm in Scappoose, Oregon. It's a town just 30 mins outside of Portland. Charlie's aunt (technically not his actual aunt but an aunt none the less. A dear dear friend of his mother who was a roommate of hers back in college. Someone who has known Charlie since he was a baby) owns the Farm and runs it along with her partner and a ranch hand. Charlie's aunt is also a dean at a local University in Oregon. We arrived on Wednesday July 3rd late in the afternoon. I was so excited for my kiddos to experience the farm, what with all the animals (like chickens, ducks, cows and horses - oh and yup, that is a donkey! His name is Elvis) but instead they fell in love with the kids in the above image and played with them all day and night up until our last night there. 

Ever since my first visit to this special Farm, when Charlie and I were just dating, I have dreamt of one day owning something similar but much smaller (they have about 25 acres) and living off the land (and yes, renting it out during the wedding season for some amazing rustic weddings!). What is so great about it as well is - you aren't that far from the city! Our first time up there was pre-kids and we actually had gone up so that Charlie could do some translation work between their ranch hand and themselves. Now, almost 5 years later - they are much better at communicating and you can really see how much work has been put in on the Farm itself. More images to come from our 5 day trip..stay tuned!

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