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So, yesterday marked the first day of being with my kiddos part time instead of them being in daycare full time and me working full time too. Monday was a bit of a struggle, today was a little better and i am hoping that tomorrow is even better.

At our house, we do something called - good day bad day during dinner. It's where we ask each other, even the kiddos, what was the good part of our day and what was our bad part of our day. We ask the kids what we should start off with first and usually their response is - bad day bad day!!

When we do this, even when I have had a bad moment in my day - I have to pause and really reflect and consider - was it really that bad? And usually, it isn't, so I end up being all meh, I didn't really have a bad day but I guess..insert the supposed bad day incident but in the whole grand scheme of things it's sort of lame. I guess, I should be real thankful...and I am. Because even if the guy in front of me cut me off today, or the person in the grocery line who pretended not to see me with my 3 items and 2 kids while they unload a cart full of crap - I am going to assume that they are just having a bad day, perhaps much worse than what I think my own worst day is and let it go because in the whole grand scheme of things, there was so much good in the day that the bad, was merely a blip on my radar.

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