Thankful Thursdays

3:12 PM

So today didn't go as plan, and since most of life - never really does - you just learn to roll with the punches. Thursdays happen to be one of my full workdays. We get the kids off to school and I either have sessions, appointments or editing to get done and today was set up to be no different.

I had been planning for awhile now to visit with a furniture designer to do some lifestyle studio work and take images of her in her element as well as a letterpress designer but then at about 4 am this morning my little Raima bird came down with a fever and then also proceeded to throw up. Which means things would not be going as planned today and will have to be rescheduled..but I'm thankful..I'm thankful that I get to spend time with my family more so than I ever did before and yet still get to pursue my art and creative work - which has always been my dream as a yeah, I'm pretty darn thankful...and thankful that Raima is feeling better too.

Here is a little snippet of today, during nap time:

oh yeah we have a dog now..her name is Lola, she was a rescue..then twenty days of having her having thought she was dying - she gave birth to 11 puppies, only 10 survived...{we will be adopting them out through Rocket Dog Rescue - not the one we got her from - that will help us get them vaccinated, dewormed, fixed and off to good homes} - It was all - very much like TLC's I didn't know I was pregnant, except for dog owners, or something...

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