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2:37 PM

Happy Friday! I'm so ready to do another road, take on another family adventure and not do any more work behind a computer or even shoot another session. I just want to go out and experience the adventure, take it all in without having to document it with a photograph. It's as if, in our society today - we have to take a photo of what we are doing in order to prove that we have had the experience. Don't get me wrong - I am of course very guilty of this! I take photos of my food before I eat it - which is now the new normal isn't it? We see it all around us - everyone walks around with their phones in hand - as if glued there.

Often I struggle with bringing my work camera with me because then my work brain is on and I am then outside of the picture, outside of the adventure. I struggle because I do want moments captured too but I also don't want it to feel like work or that I am obligated to shoot either. But no matter what - if I don't bring it, I regret it because I always see moments that are too good to have not been captured and then I, I should have brought my camera! Womp womp...

When we go on our trips or our vacations - I find that when I forget to take a photo, is when I am having the most fun and really enjoying my time because I am experiencing it, instead of stopping and removing myself from the experience and taking a photo of it. Of course, once and awhile I do snap a photo off of my phone but even then - I just try and disconnect - especially if I truly am on vacation. Which isn't to say - don't take photos at all! That's just silly {and I'd be out of a job!}. This is why. it's sometimes best to just hire a pro - even when you travel! That way you still get to be in the moment and enjoying yourself and your family. I actually work for this wonderful company called the Flytographer - you should check them out. It is a global company with a connected network of professional photographer in almost every city and country in this big wide world of ours.

Anyway - just remember folks - disconnect from technology sometimes, so you can truly connect with those who matter most, those you love.

Next week - I hope to post up some reviews of some non-GMO and organic products I was asked to review. Products my family already use and or would likely to purchase anyway!

Have a great weekend everyone...


{I was not in any way compensated for this post in regards to Flytographer. I truly believe in the company - which is why I work for them!}

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