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Technically, I know Monday is almost over and I haven't yet posted in a few days but I have been better, right?

Yesterday, we had a holiday party for a few of our friends who all happen to have children - that's actually how we met :) Their kids all attended our kids day care - who is sadly, yet understandably - closing it's doors at the end of January {Oh no! What am I going to do?! More on that shortly}. Anyway, if you know me well, then you know I simply just take on too much. I also procrastinate a ton but yet, I think I get the job done and really feed off the steam of crunch time. So of course having hung out with some great friends and their kids - at a get together one evening, I wrote an email to all those mamas and said - hey - I love you guys, you are amazing mamas and I love how we can get together and enjoy talking, eating good food and drinking adult beverages while our kids play together - just like how I remembered growing up with my many cousins {and which my kids don't have the luxury here in the bay since our whole extended family is in Southern CA} - so I would like to throw a holiday party before we all head off our separate ways until seeing each other again sometime in the new year.

For awhile there - I just let it sit..not sure if it was really going to happen and if I should have invited others too - again, taking on too much. I probably would have invited everyone I could think of who we enjoy spending time with and who also have kids..but our house could not have fit that many people. Anyway, the party went well, it was great to see everyone again and some folks couldn't make it because they either got sick or their kids did - that's what happens during the holidays and winter months right? I had been planning this party for awhile now - maybe a month {in my head and on pinterest}. But when I mean planning, I mean - planning on how to make my house look less chaotic and a mess and more put together like an adult. Like an adult with style and taste and not someone who has most of her furniture from when she was in college that she either got for cheap or off the street. So what is a former self proclaimed partial hoarder to do {its always really hard for me to say no to free things! but I've made some significant strides this year}? PURGE!!!!

And I did {and I am still on a mission to continue purging}. I have been following the whole "the life changing magic of tidying up" - in blogs and in a private FB group {which inspires me to no end!} plus the new modern minimalism and my wanderlust to get rid of everything and pack up my family to be this family - SO INSPIRING!

I finally got around to creating an IG profile, so you can see our home's work in progress there and other snippets of our lives. Follow us there if you like.

I have a few more things to finish up this month before our next road trip to LA again..a few sessions and end of year business things {GASP!!! I hate this part of being a business owner!}.

anyhoo..I am all over the place!!! It is because I've had a glass of wine AND some chocolate - thanks to the party leftovers :D

Until next time my friends....but wait..I'll leave you with this great post from another blogger and mama. Check out her post here. Can you relate?

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