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8:30 AM

Wow, will you look at that? Consecutive posts! What what?!! I'm tellin ya, I'm motivated. I'm motivated to live the life that I want. To do the things that inspire me and to share my thoughts on things that matter and sometimes, I share things that don't really matter - or things that, I don't know, pique my interest.

Have you ever looked at the negative events that happen in your day and notice those are the major topics of your conversations?  Like those near misses or the - I was almost..stories and thoughts? Do you know what I am talking about? How often do you talk about these things and events in your day to day? It's quite astonishing how much many of us do and how often.

One of the things that Charlie and **I try and do is to not dwell on those kind of moments of our day to day anymore, so that they become less and really the nothing that they are. So that those negative things don't take up space in our heads and in our lives. Because of this, I can go for days or weeks and then all of a sudden remember an almost tragic {ok, I'm obviously being dramatic} thing that could have happened but didn't - like - someone not stopping at a red light, or running a stop sign and almost hitting our car. But they didn't, so..the story never got told and that negative energy and feeling from that almost event never got a hold on me..anyway, maybe it's just me but I feel like with my old self - I really dwelled so much in these near misses and sometimes anguished over them {like when I am the one that accidentally cuts off a driver - or ...yeah}

Anyhoo - maybe it's just me..I used to let a lot of things take a hold of me, but all I have to remember is - they have no power over me. Even when times and situations get the better of me, I know it is not permanent and that I can just let go and realize Sarah's words - You have no power over me.

**though, I still falter on this and sometimes - I just like gossip & drama - or am awkward at a social setting so need a quick topic to bring up and usually this is what comes up easily.

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