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Hi guys!!! 

As you can see - there's a new look to our baby wagners! Sigh, now that my kids are no longer babies, I really should change this blog's name but no matter how old my kids get, they'll still be my babies...awwww. I know, I know..I so get why my mom would have this strange look on her face when she would give us a kiss and hold our faces in her hands - it's that awww look, you know? even though we may have been bratty teenagers, to her - we were still her babies..now, im kind of sad..and teary eyed..always so bittersweet for me to think of my mom..especially during this time. you know, the holidays.

anyway, bear with me us we undergo some changes AND will be bringing you much more content.

and a post wouldn't be complete without a photo, so here is one of Raima - back in her Toddler days..

and here she is now ...
Amazing Tintype Photo by: Kari Orvik
We recently had our family portraits done with Kari Orvik Tintype Studios - if you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your family in photos - look her up! As a photographer myself,  this was so special to me. I always press my clients to print the digital images I deliver to them and so this year we had an amazing opportunity to get tintype portraits done. And now, we will do it every year! We actually won the tintype portrait session at a charity fundraiser for an Oakland charter school that my friend help start - it is a French Immersion public charter school called Francophone.

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