The Last Family Adventure of 2015 | El Dorado National Forest

9:42 PM

We spent the last days couple of days up near South Lake Tahoe, nestled within the El Dorado National Forest in Somerset, CA because of some kind friends who invited us up to a cabin they rented from Airbnb.

The first day we explored was NYE - and decided to just find an ample area with snow for some childs play. And we did. And it was a grand ol success. Jax even said - that was the best baseball field ever {because of all the snow}. In hindsight, we realized that on NYE we should have driven up to Tahoe and or the Sno-Park there instead of going up when we actually did which was on new years day - when everyone is off and everyone was thinking the same thing! Oh well, as is life - we didn't quite make it up to the Sno-Park because it was all sold out but did have some snow play, again off the side of the road around Strawberry Lodge.

Here was our first day for some snow play somewhere off the side of the road we decided to stop at! We set our destination out to somewhere near Pollock Pines since the elevation was at 4,000 feet - where you start to see some snow. It was only about 40 minutes from the cabin.

More photos to come soon!

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