A Little Spring Break | Lake Berryessa

11:56 PM

We finally got to spend some time up at the R Ranch with our Lola dog. One of my reason for purchasing a deed or "membership" there was being able to spend the summer and hot days up there to enjoy the area and the pool. But since the pool wasn't yet open, we had to make due with a lake...Lake Berryessa to be exact! It didn't disappoint. It is only about a 13 minute drive from the ranch and is dog friendly too. There are picnic tables with shade - which I would imagine is quite needed come summer time when the temperatures can get pretty HOT.

More photos to come soon.

We can't wait for summer to begin and I can't believe it's only a couple of months away {because I had high hopes I'd get myself ready to be in a bathing suit by then! and I haven't...eeep!}

And you know what summer means for us parents?? Summer camps!! Last year we were at a few camps but one that we will be doing again this year is Camp Galileo - which we will again do this year. And this year, my youngest will get to join in on the summer activities too! If you are interested in learning more about Camp Galileo - which has carefully-crafted curriculum designed to ignite your child's imagination and inner-innovator from pre-K through 8th grade, then please check out their campaign - Spend Summer Bold - and if you sign up today, you'll receive $40 off! with code BEBOLD.

I'll be following up with some posts this week with some crafts to do with your kiddos inspired from activities and themes from Camp Galileo..so stay tuned!

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