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Hello everyone! Welcome back.. Today I have a stop motion film activity for you. If you have a patient kiddo {and have patience yourself!}, which sometimes mine are NOT ...but if you get them into this and show them the results, I guarantee you that you will be doing this all day. Which may be a good or bad thing!

My son last summer had heard that his older classmates were doing these stop animation films and was bummed he couldn't do it...but I think this year he will be able too! But to get us on the right start to some summer fun, I decided to try it out at home with my daughter. I'll also have to try it with my son too - because after he watched the movie. He was really jealous he didn't get to do it too.
What you will need:

  1. A digital camera & - don't forget the memory card to save the images!
  2. A computer with a program to upload the images too and create the movie {i.e. iMovie, Window Movie maker. I used Lightroom and purchased a soundtrack to use from Songfreedom}
  3. A tripod
  4. Some toys/trinkets
  5. Some imagination
  6. Some patience

I have a small tripod that is great for table top use. I screwed the camera on securely to the tripod and positioned it for the remainder of the activity. In some instances, you may need to stabilize the tripod. It helps to tape/mark off the legs on wherever it is so that if your kid moves it accidentally, you can always put it back..but all in all - even with slight bumps, and not having it be perfect, its ok..just have fun. Remember mistakes are ok, it's all about fun and being creative.

To help with the process I took a few snaps and explained how it works to my daughter Raima and then proceeded to show her what it would look like. This got her excited! So then I asked her to get all the materials she wants to be in the "movie" - first, something/someone {doll or what not} would need to be the star of the show - she chose a bag clip in the shape of a fish..and some "people" in the form of legos she put together and other materials she just found around the house she wanted to include.

Next set everything up and line up your camera. And then, choose the star and what they will be doing. Raima decided that the fish will eat the people and most anything in its path. And now you just have to be patient and let them move the "star" of the movie little by little while you or they snap the photo. Be creative, be funny, be silly. Have your "star" do anything - after all it is just a movie. After patiently snapping each step and movement and you are all finish {I think we snapped 80 frames for ours!} - upload your images to your computer and select the program to use.

I used Lightroom to create our "movie". Upload all your images- delete the ones you don't want to use {like ones where your kid snapped your hand in it or had her hand in it - or not! Up to you, it can be kinda cool to see a hand go into the frame for a quick second}. Select slideshow in Lightroom, and upload a soundstrack. Adjust the slide and transitions...and hit play! Save the "movie" by exporting to save the slideshow in video format..and then I upload it to Vimeo...and here it is, Raima's first stop motion movie!

This activity is such a great way to nurture kids imaginations and creativity plus being present to help with it at each step and watching their reactions are pretty great. Both my kids are super excited to be going to Camp Galileo this summer. My youngest being the most excited. I know that at Camp Galileo my kids will not only be having some fun with activities and playing with their peers, but that they will be inspired, nurtured and actually learn something too! As a kid, I never got an opportunity to do a summer camp and I am so glad that I am able to provide that opportunity for my kids. If you haven't yet looked into Camp Galileo for this summer - you should! This year both my kids get to enjoy their curriculum and activities.
Since 2002, Galileo has been shaping a new generation of innovators by teaching kids to explore, make mistakes and create without fear! Drawing from the innovation process inspired by the Stanford Galileo’s  curriculum packs serious substance and sparks kids’ imagination from pre-k through 8th grade.
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