You clicked over here!? Well, thank you for your interest in advertising on this little blog of mine! Our Baby Wagners started in 2009 but was recently re-vamped and re-designed in 2012 {and then again in 2015}. It's readership is growing daily. Due to it's re-design and marketing, it has grown exponentially and is continuing to grow even more. Our Baby Wagners features the daily life of being a wife, raising two kiddos, all while trying to run a creative business.

Can one really find a balance? Join our journey and find out! Features include daily snippets of the sometimes messy parenting life (because it would be too boring if it were perfect), reviews, simple recipes, some design, a bit of chaos and lots of photos (usually of my kids)! To learn more about us, please visit here or contact me if you have any questions.

 Some {ever growing} blog stats, as of December 21, 2012 (it was apparently NOT the end of the world):

Posts daily (sometimes 2x a day)
# of Unique Visitors: 425
# of Pageviews Last Month: 2,565+
# of Pageviews of All Time: 26,762+

My growing social media followers:

Facebook: 531 
Twitter: 155
Pinterest: 70
Instagram: 78
GFC Followers: 46

I also advertise monthly on other websites to get further exposure and reach. 

Sponsors I've recently worked with are: 

Viva Labs
The Real Co.
Island Fresh

If you have some ideas of ways we could work together, I would love to partner up! Contact me here.

Here are the three ways you can advertise:

1. Giveaways: I would be happy to host a product giveaway free of charge! Contact me with the product information and a link to your blog or shop. I'll write up a post about your product and the giveaway will run for one week or however long you need. However, You will be responsible for sending the product to the winner.

2. Product Reviews: I will only provide an honest review of your product. Please contact me with a description of the product, and if it's something my family and I would/could use, I'm sure my readers would love to know about it! Send me the item and please note that the product will not be returned. I will then take photos and write a review with links back to you. This can also be combined with a giveaway.

3. Ad space: I offer a few different sized ad spaces that fit even the tightest of budgets! I will always offer free swaps to bloggers and independent shops. To purchase one of these ad sizes, just contact me.  Thank you!

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